Welcome to the Web site of the private orthodontic practice of MUDr. Barbora Velká.

We offer standard orthodontic care and treatment for children and adults by means of fixed (vestibular - out, lingual - internal) and removable braces together with a close consultation with other dental fields.

Our aim is to provide high-quality orthodontic care in the pleasant surroundings of our dental office.

We hope that regular dental visits in our office will be of great pleasure and benefit to you and that a nice smile will make your way to success and self-esteem more easily.

Looking forward to your visit...

MD. Barbora Velká & team

Dental hygiene

Dental hygiene is one of the activities that we offer in our dental office. Customers with us frequently demanded cleaning and scaling, coating or even installing dental jewelry.

More about dental hygiene

Interdisciplinary cooperation

Orthodontics forms a significant part of interdisciplinary cooperation, especially in adult patients. Nowadays, there is much effort put into the preservation of healthy teeth and thus creating a charming smile.

More on interdisciplinary cooperation

Questions and answers

How much do fixed braces cost? Is treatment with fixed braces painful? How long does the treatment by/with fixed braces take? Do I have to avoid any meals? How often do I have to brush my teeth?

Answers to your questions

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