Trattamento ortodontico

Children, Adolescents

Children should first visit orthodontics after their first jaw-teeth and incisors have already come out. During that period, different defects may be diagnosed (crowding, deep overbite, cross bite, open bite cause by a bad habit etc.). In this period, the orthodontist can conduct dentition, growth of jaw or change the width of a tooth arch. Early treatment enables getting rid of bad habits, making a place for permanent teeth, and possibly inserting impacted teeth.


Fixed braces are not intended only for adolescents. Teeth can be moved at any age under the condition that your teeth, gums and bones are healthy. Wrong dental position may influence an excessive occurrence of dental scale and bone recession. Some parents find inspiration in their own children undergoing orthodontic treatment and afterwards they decide for the treatment by a fixed brace. Application of fixed brace may improve your smile and therefore your self-confidence at any age. Orthodontic treatment is usually a part of cooperation with other fields (paradontology, implantology etc). The team of doctors tries to reach the best results thanks to such a close cooperation.

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