Questions and answers

Q. How much do fixed braces cost?

The price of braces is individual depending on many factors (type of anomaly, braces and length of treatment).

Q. Do I have to have fixed braces?

Nobody will force you to fixed braces treatment. The decision is solely up to the patient. However, if the orthodontic malocclusion is not treated, in the course of time it might get worse and may bring other problems (periodontological).

Q. Is treatment with fixed braces painful?

The placement itself does not hurt. In the first week after placement of braces, some unpleasant feelings of pain and pressure or discomfort may occur. It is therefore highly recommended to be on a liquid diet or a diet consisting of mushy foods.

Q. What is the age restriction for treatment with fixed braces?

It is never too late. A treatment with fixed braces is possible at any age. The restriction is only connected with the teeth condition.

Q. How long does the treatment by/with fixed braces take?

The length of treatment depends of the type of anomaly, your age, growth spurt and the ability of teeth movement. Treatment can get longer if the brackets fall (patient nibbles them) and also due to improper hygiene and bad cooperation of the patient. Treatment usually takes about 1.5 – 2 years.

Q. Do I have to avoid any meals?

Yes. It is necessary to avoid hard and sticky food. Hard food (e.g. apples, carrots) must be cut into pieces. Mind the right dental hygiene.

Q. How often do I have to brush my teeth?

After every main meal, and minimally once a day it is necessary to use a single-beam toothbrush and interdental toothbrush and floss. Find more information about tooth cleaning and cleaning of braces here.

Q. What is separation?

Separation precedes the placement of the fixed brace. Between the tooth spaces, gum rings are applied to create space for ring application.

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